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Economic efficiency


The investment into a multifunctional attachment carrier is much lower than that of several single-purpose vehicles covering the same range of applications. Purchasing a Holder is an economically advantageous decision. 

Ease of Maintenance

Our engineers always have serviceability in mind when designing a vehicle. Daily service routines can be performed with attachments attached, thus saving time and money. 

Maintenance Cost 

High quality pays: A long service life means significantly lower costs for repairs and parts compared to other vehicles. Downtimes are minimized. 

Operating Cost

A Holder reduces the cost for your fleet. A single attachment carrier is less expensive to maintain than a fleet of single-use machines, not to mention the space saved. 

Resale Value

The extremely long service life of a Holder makes it a sought-after item on the pre-owned vehicle market. Accordingly, these machines are traded at higher prices than others. Quality pays.