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Driving concept
How it works

    How it works

    Stronger wheel motors

    Thanks to the four 24 in³ / 400 cm³ strong wheel motors, the PowerDrive has 40% more towing power and 50% more climbing capability than regular all-wheel drives. It will always start at maximum power from zero in all-wheel mode, which is beneficial specifically on gradients.In addition, all vehicles with PowerDrive are also equipped with a 4-wheel brake system to ensure safety on steep slopes.

    Cuts the wheel motor speed in half and deactivates the rear axle

    In transport mode, the torque of the wheel motors is halved and the rear axle is deactivated to reach maximum speed at a much lower motor speed. This leads to fuel savings of up to 30%, as well as a noticeable reduction in noise.

    Whenever the work requires, the drive switches between all-wheel and two-wheel mode. If necessary, the wheel motor torque is adjusted as well.

    Thus the tractor will climb steep slopes without any manual switching and will run in the most efficient driving program even in heavy duty applications.

    Switches automatically to the most efficient driving program

    Because switching between all-wheel and two-wheel drive and between full and half wheel motor can take place automatically at all times, the driver can focus on the application or the road. When in work mode, the Special Driving System (SDS) gives the operator the option of driving speed control via the foot pedal independent of constant engine speed.