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Our Team

Dear valued Holder customer,

Holder Tractors Inc. (HTI) has restructured. We have made the following personnel changes to streamline processes, to improve efficiency and, most importantly, to better serve you, our customers.

Shipping, Receiving & Parts
(Check out this presentation about our Parts Department and Processes)

Brennen Beattie – Parts Manager
Objective: To provide excellent customer service and supply of quality spare parts.
Phone: 613. 443. 3200 Ex 412 Email: parts@holdertractors.com

GG Kroes – Logistics Manager
Objective: To ensure excellent customer service and supply of parts nationwide.
Phone: 613. 443. 3200 Ex 415 Email: gg@holdertractors.com


Dwight Lowe – Senior Service Advisor
Objective: To provide expert knowledge, technical support and training to the customers.
Phone: 613. 443. 3200 Ex 417 Email: dwight@holdertractors.com

Ben McCullough – Production Manager
Objective: To ensure quality of HTI products and service.
Phone: 613. 443. 3200 Ex 403 Email: ben@holdertractors.com

HTI is proud to serve you and values your continuous business. Should you have any questions regarding our new processes please feel free to contact Maggie Bugelli at 613. 443. 3200 Ex 402.


Maggie Bugelli
Operations Controller