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The New Holder C 70 Meets the Latest Exhaust Emission Standard

15. May 2017


Max Holder GmbH presents two new municipal vehicles, the C 70 SC and the C 70 TC. These multifunctional, articulated implement carriers meet the Tier 4 final exhaust emission standard with a new turbo-diesel engine with a diesel particulate filter and a modified exhaust system. In addition, the award-winning Holder PowerDrive is included as a standard feature. The four strengthened wheel motors (400 cm³) as well as the newly developed intelligent hydraulic steering and traction electronics ensure greater power capacity and lower fuel consumption. This provides an approximate 30% fuel savings while the top speed is higher even with smaller wheels. Saving time and cost.

Additional new features are the 4-wheel brake system that is unique in this vehicle category, an inner mudguard, an electronic hand and foot control as well as a digital display to show different vehicle functions. The C 70 is equipped with hydraulic wheel-load compensation, mechanical differential lock and a three-dimensional front lift. The widely known benefits of Holder vehicles, such as maneuverability and track retention as well as driving comfort and ease of use are of course still part of the implement carriers.

The C represents the tractor series, 70 is the performance class with 70 HP and SC stands for single cab and TC for twin cab. The cab can be mounted at two heights depending on what the application requires and, as with all Holder tractors, offers 360° view for greater safety.

Holder Tractors Inc. is the North American member of the German company Max Holder GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of articulated tractors. Established in 1888, Max Holder GmbH manufactures and distributes articulated tractors and carries a full line of attachments designed to meet its customers’ needs all year round.


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