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Holder Tractors Inc. and Snoquip Inc. Partner Up

4. October 2018


Holder Tractors Inc. and Snoquip Inc. Partner Up to Serve Customers in California and Nevada.

Holder Tractors Inc. (HTI) is pleased to announce that Snoquip Inc. is now an authorized dealer for HTI. Located in California, Snoquip Inc. will meet the needs of HTI customers in the states of California and Nevada.

Snoquip Inc. (SI) was established in May of 1983 to provide snow removal equipment and accessories for end users in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Originally, they represented a Canadian manufacturer of loader mounted snow blower attachments and the Campbell Chain Company who at that time were manufacturing tire chains in Oakland California. Over the years, SI gradually acquired additional lines including various plow manufacturers and manufacturers of sand and salt spreaders.

In 1988, SI took on a line of articulated-all-wheel drive tractors which mounted a PTO driven snow blower attachment. These were a new innovation in this area as nothing of the type had previously been seen here. The company felt that the product had a lot of potential but as they began to demonstrate it they quickly discovered that the snow blower attachment provided by the tractor manufacturer could not handle Sierra Nevada snow conditions. SI quickly came up with another blower from a manufacturer in Quebec which was far superior at handling the local snow conditions and within a few years they had several hundred tractors operating in their market area. Once the local contractors saw the capability of these units with a suitable blower attachment the population began to grow and SI started to see competitive tractors and blowers.

In 2003, the business began building their own PTO blowers specifically for the articulated tractors and to meet the difficult local snow conditions. Fifteen years later, SI has well over 600 in service and there are probably about 800 to 1000 articulated tractors of various manufacturers in this immediate market area. As of September, Snoquip Inc. is now an authorized dealer for Holder Tractors Inc. in California and Nevada. 

Holder Tractors Inc. is the North American member of the German company Max-Holder GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of articulated tractors in the world. Since 1888, Max Holder GmbH has stood for innovative engineering and has built high-performance products for winter maintenance, grounds care, sweeping, cleaning and watering.


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