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Vehicle Handover

OC Transpo - City of Ottawa

19. September 2017

OC Transpo has taken possession of their two new C992 tractors purchased by the City of Ottawa. OC Transpo is ready for winter with their tractors equipped with 60” snow plows, dump bodies and rear broadcast spreaders....

Township of Wellington North

19. September 2017

Township of Wellington North has purchased new C70 tractorThe Township is ready for every season with their new box blower, dump body and rear drop spreader, hydraulic sweeper and rotary mower Congratulations to Township of...

Macdonald Cartier International Airport Authority

15. June 2017

After renting units during the winter, the Macdonald Cartier International Airport Authority located in Ottawa bought the C270 with a hydraulic sweeper with attached pick-up bucket. We look forward to working with them in the...

Greenfield, Wisconsin

14. June 2017

Greenfield, a suburb of Milwaukee, WisconsinIndustrial Marketing, Holder dealer in the state, delivered the city’s new C 270 with a multifunctional hydraulic power arm with a flail head. Thank you for choosing Holder.

City of Cornwall

29. May 2017

City of Cornwall is using their C 480s year round!They will be using their tractor for mowing this summer. Thank you for choosing Holder.