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Classic Holder

Since 1888, Holder has designed and manufactured high quality products with many of them treasured by collectors around the world while many of our early tractors are still working today.  This page is dedicated to the people that have a passion for Holder.   

In the past few years, our Parts Department has received many calls about parts and has offered advice on how to refurbish these classics to their original condition.  Most of the parts needed are either kept in stock or can be ordered. We know that collectors are proud of their work and this page is designed to provide them with the opportunity to tell their story.

If you have classic Holder equipment and would like to share your story, please contact us by email at info@dont-want-spam.holdertractors.com with your information and your photographs.  

Holder tractors have become a very popular collectible and the best way to get the parts and advice you need to refurbish your passion is by contacting the Holder Parts Department

Classic Holder Gallery

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Dick Schark
A 15 Tractor