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Company history - since 1888



The brothers Christian Friedrich and Martin Holder found a machinery factory and magnets factory in Urach on 16th September 1888. However, Martin Holder soon leaves the company and founds his own locksmiths shop.





The first automatic knapsack sprayer is presented and becomes world famous as the "Holder sprayer". Winning many prizes, it is now exhibited as an example of innovative development at the German Museum of Technology in Munich. Current developments only deviate in the choice of materials and very slightly in the design.




A side canal of the Erms and the resulting hydroelectric power caused the company to move to Metzingen. Buildings and sites of the Braun company are bought, refitting and extended. 





The company is one of the first companies in the Erms Valley with over 100 employees and meets its social obligations in its customary way. Countless relationships to countries around the world ensure that soon almost a third of the goods produced in Metzingen are exported.





C. F. Holder and his Son present the first universally-applicable single-axle tractor. This revolutionary development is already fitted with many technical refinements. Details such as a single-wheeled brake, struts, the height and side of which can be adjusted, pulley as well as power take-off are brand new technologies. They permit a wide range of applications for the complete range of groundwork devices through to potato diggers and transport trailers. As a development for the future, this pioneering product is awards there DLG medal and can still be seen in the German Museum of Technology.


The first functioning small diesel motor astounds international specialists. The "Holder Diesel" is compact, lightweight, reliable, high-powered and requires little maintenance and is thus ideal for installation in the single-axle tractors. This development soon goes into series production. The fast process of motorisation during this period causes Holder to pass on the patent rights to the company Fichtel & Sachs. Under the general name "Sachs Diesel", the Holder invention becomes world-famous and is manufactured in large quantities. Even today, this development is considered a perfect example of top-flight engineering and can also be seen in the German Museum of Technology in Munich. 


The first four-wheeled loader leaves the Metzingen factory. On account of their reliability, the countless applications and the wide range of attachments, the B 10 and B12 series are very successful. To the delight of many fans, some of these loaders can still be seen in areas with special cultivation (wine/fruit). If these tractors are still equipped with an original Holder diesel engine, then they are cherished by collectors.


The first four-wheel drive loader with continuous drive, articulated-frame steering and four equally sized wheels is presented.Originally developed for viticulture, this unusual construction quickly takes over other areas of work. In particular, it is on difficult farming areas that the benefits of the loader show their worth: Enormous pulling power through permanent four-wheel drive and the smallest turning circle through articulated steering.


The age of environmentally-friendly plant treatment is signalled by the turbines. The technology of the axial blower permits targeted treatment, the increased agent build-up, even on unreachable plant parts, reduces the need for sprays considerably. 







The voluntary plant protection device check is introduced. The necessary diagnostics apparatus for the workshops are developed by Holder. Today, all plant protection devices are checked every three years.





"Dositron" is the name of the first German electronic dosing system. The processor-controlled dosing system scans at an accuracy previously only dreamt of. This basic research is the precondition for today's technology of field-based data recording up to the data exchange with a PC using a chip card and GPS control.



Crosscurrent technology is introduced in plant protection applications. A laminary air current generated by two standing cylindrical rotors is the basis of these sprayers. It works completely symmetrically and without a technical drift upwards. After evaluations by neutral institutes, this crosscurrent unit is still used as standard in application technology.



The MultiPark series is introduced to the public at the public administration trade fair in Cologne. The revolutionary construction of a complete family of municipal vehicles with five different basic models soon shows it to be one of Holder's most successful developments.






The C 4.74 is presented at the DemoPark in Fulda and awarded the gold medal for innovation.








Holder wants to regain its old strength with three new shareholders from the region.





June 2010
In June 2010, Max Holder GmbH opened the new Holder Customer Centre in Metzingen. The 900 m² Customer Centre not only serves as a presentation area, but also as a meeting place for customers, suppliers, employees and others interested in Holder. The new offering is completed by the Demopark, right next to the building. It is used to test the vehicles in the most varied of terrain.



September 2010
At the GaLaBau exhibition 2010 in Nuremberg, Holder presented a new generation of multifunctional implement-carriers, successors to the successful Multipark series. The types C 250 and C 270 are multifunctional work machines, boasting many improvements and new features which enhance the proven Holder system even further.







To mark the 125th anniversary Holder invited its business partners as well as employees, fans and friends of the Holder brand to Metzingen. And they all came - in masses. The anniversary celebrations were held from 19th to 21st September 2013 at the Holder factory premises in Metzingen.  

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April 2015

The traction drive Holder PowerDrive is awarded the German Industry prize in the category of “Drive and Fluid Technology”. The renowned prize is well known throughout and beyond industry circles and focuses not only on the big players in the market but most of all on the medium-sized businesses as well as family owned companies. A top-class independent jury made up of numerous professors, industry experts, trade journalists and scientists evaluated the applications in 14 categories according to economic, social, technology and ecology factors.

July 2015

Holder extends its product range by the high-performance, compact municipal vehicle Holder MUVO. With the MUVO, Holder relies on a high-quality vehicle system which has proven its performance in the municipal sector in year-round use. Real multifunctionality, compact dimensions, a small turning circle, high working and operating comfort in combination with sophisticated technical solutions - that's the MUVO. It can be used both in landscaping, road cleaning and winter maintenance and thanks to its high payload of 2.8 tons for special transport tasks as well.