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Max Holder GmbH

Holder has a long and proud tradition of being innovators in the design and manufacturing of machinery. Based in Reutlingen, Germany, Holder is the creator of the first knapsack sprayer. Since 1888, Holder has stood for high-quality, German design, engineering and manufacturing in the products it produces.

Holder’s design and manufacturing of the world’s first knapsack sprayer in 1898 not only wins awards and international attention, but is also on display in the German Museum of Technology in Munich. In 1930 Holder produced the first universally-applicable single-axle tractor and in 1950 produced the first functioning small diesel motor that is used in many single-axle tractors. Both are also on display at the German Museum of Technology as well.

In 1954 the first four-wheeled loader with continuous drive, four equally sized wheels and articulated frame steering is produced for the viticulture industry but soon finds its way into farming as more people discover its enormous pulling power and its ability to turn in such a small circle.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany, Holder’s commitment to quality is on display in the German Museum of Technology and can be seen today in its line of articulated tractors that are used around the world.

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