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Dick Schark - A 15 tractor

Dick Schark of Ottumwa, Iowa, purchased a well-used 1971 A15 Holder Vineyard Tractor from a man in nearby Albia and even though it needed a lot of work, he decided to take on the challenge of bringing it back to life.

The man from Albia had purchased it himself from an iron dealer who had purchased it from an equipment sale in the Chicago area. When Dick brought it home he noticed that the wiring was melted together and that it would crank over but wouldn't run. After more digging he noticed that there was a bent rod, broken piston and the injector would not spray. But after a few hundred dollars and fabricating a new wiring harness and 3-point hitch it starting running. With a fresh coat of paint and a new seat cover, Dick entered it at the Blakesburg Corn Festival in the fall of 2014 where it won first place in the "Best in Restored Tractor" category. It has also been on display at the Davis County Fair that July.

Congratulations to Dick on a great job.

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